Girls Varsity Lacrosse · Girls Varsity Lacrosse beats Oviedo 13 – 12

13 East Ridge High School
12 Oviedo High School
Away   Home
Away Home
East Ridge High School vs Oviedo High School
13 12
1 8   5
2 5   7
3 -   -
4 -   -

An EPIC battle took place on April 13, 2018 between your Lady Knights and the Oviedo Lions. Your Lady Knights Lacrosse TEAM ‘RAN at the ROAR’ and was BOLD!
The Lady Knights faced the perennial powerhouse Oviedo Lions Friday night in the last stop of the regular season CHAMPIONSHIP train. Having just received their brand new customized team jackets from, the Lady Knights were all a buzz of excitement in our Dungeon parking lot as we awaited the arrival of our chariot to our final game! …we waited…and we waited… Is this how our 18 game regular season, which was meticulously scheduled 6 months ago, END? Would the ‘BIG’ game, the ‘Final Test’ before Championship Week be an anti-climatic, resounding thud of a FORFEIT because we couldn’t make it there, leaving us with DOUBT as the CHAMPIONSHIPS loomed around the corner? We waited in faith that this would not be our fate in what seemed to be an eternity (20 minutes for these millennials!). Then, suddenly, our brand new Charter Bus Chariot came over the hill escorted by none other than our ‘Super’ AD Rick Everett – the only thing missing was sirens, lights, & a flowing cape from this beautiful sight! We quickly boarded & began our hour long trek to the Oviedo Lion’s Den 30 minutes late! Once settled, the game plan was reiterated and the ‘Cups of Inspiration’ was given. A confident calmness blanketed your team as each Vital Link prepared themselves mentally & physically for the battle that was to come. The I-4 gods were in our favor & we made good time as we entered the Lion’s DEN in spectacular fashion with the brand new shimmering Chariot arriving at the doorstep with less than 25 minutes before Game time! The Lady Knights filed out in their matching jackets, bags, shirts, & the best looking mandated helmets in the state of FL (looking like Champions!) and calmly, confidently marched into the Lion’s DEN – it was a thing of beauty & intimidating to their opponents! The Captains did an outstanding job of abbreviating their warmups and they were ready!
The whistle finally blew to get the game started & the quiet, calm confidence would be on display for all to see. As you can tell from my intro, the narrative would be way too long to retell the game so I will give you a synopsis of the scoring with the times to try to show you how the battle unfolded and its outcome!
1st HALF
21:33 (time left) 1 Lady Knights – 0 Lions: ‘Da Leader’ (1a) draw/dump “Hammer’ (1g).
18:01 1-1: Circle Play Lions score.
16:54 2-1: ‘Leader’ (2a) give/go ‘Hammer’ (2g).
13:22 3-1: ‘Hammer’ (3g) drives and shoots.
10:33 3-2: ‘MoJo’ big Free Position Shot (FPS) save. Lions score off a turnover.
09:10 4-2: ‘Leader’ (3a) to ‘Hammer’ (4g).
08:16 4-3: Lions FPS.
07:07 5-3: ‘Hammer’ (4g,1a) to ‘Thunder’ (1g)
06:17 6-3: ‘Hammer’ (4g,2a) give/go ‘Thunder’ (2g).
05:28 6-4: Lions FPS.
FATIGUE (physically & mentally) is starting to set in for both teams.
03:23 7-4: ‘Leader’ (4a) to ‘YoYo’ (1g).
01:46 7-5: Lady Knights man up after inadvertent ‘check’ to the head – Yellow Card (2min penalty). Lady Knights turnover & the Lions get a good look but is denied by ‘Mojo’. Lions get rebound, Circle Play, Assist & Score.
01:06 8-5: ‘Thunder’ (2g,1a) to ‘Leader’ (1g, 4a). HALFTIME!
What!?! The home crowd was silent & whispers could be heard – Where is East Ridge from? Clermont? Lake County? Where is that? Huh?
The Lions have Pride (sorry – had to) & would not give up so easily as expected.
2nd HALF
23:26 8-6: Lions FPS.
21:39 8-7: Lions FPS denied by ‘MoJo’. Lions retain possession & get another FPS – score.
19:45 9-7: ‘Thunder’ (3g,1a) rolls the crease after another great clear out by ‘I’m Da’.
19:06 9-8: Lions FPS. Uh oh…do you hear the roar of the Lions? The Lady Knights are feeling the pressure now but they are still up by 1!
‘All Around’ gets ‘trucked’ by the thundering Lions after she loses the ball – I think she has some paw prints on her back. The Lady Knights are feeling the pressure & would turn over the ball. The Lions would run the length of the field passing 4 of your Lady Knights as if they were standing still.
16:09 9-9: Circle Play Lions score as 2 experienced defenders took the Lion cub without the ball & left a 6’5” Lioness with the ball alone who devoured a helpless ‘MoJo’.

After all this work to get ahead, stay ahead, & being patient, 9 minutes into the 2nd half the Lions came roaring all the way back like perennial powerhouses should to tie the game & now the game would start all over again – 0-0 – can we make our entrance again? This was the FINAL TEST that the Lady Knights would need to prepare for the CHAMPIONSHIP game. They have won by a large margin, lost by a large margin, lost games they shouldn’t have (all with CLASS I will add because there is no other Lady Knight way), faced injuries, faced sickness, choir recitals, played rivalry games, saw the pageantry of Senior Night, many have played some, & some have played all but this game was the last ingredient that was missing from their psyche. In the final game of the season, they had already proven that they could hang with the ‘BIG NAME’ in the first half, now they would have to prove they could WIN the close, pressure filled game without folding, buckling, panicking, or giving up! They had 16:09 to pass this last test. How do you think your Lady Knights fared?
Here we go!
14:16 10-9: ‘Leader’ (1g,5a) give/go ‘Thunder’ (4g,1a).
The draw would once again see ‘Hammer’ give everything she had to gain possession which she did. She would pass to ‘All Around’ and once again she would get mugged & pawed. After back & forth turnovers, a Lions Circle Play, & a couple of penalties, ‘Leader’ would weave through the pack to come up with a loose ball & after patiently moving the ball around.
10:14 11-9: ‘Leader’ (1g,6a) assist to ‘Thunder’ (5g,1a).
07:24 11-10: The Lions FPS after Lady Knights turnover on an unneeded shot.
‘Leader’ would win the ensuing draw this time & get it to ‘Hammer’ who would again this time get what appeared to be a malicious, intentional check/slash to her head & she dropped in her tracks like a bag of bricks. The Lions’ player received a Yellow Card but should have been ejected from the game! A malicious, intentional check to the head should not be considered the same as an inadvertent graze to the head – don’t get me started on FL Girls lacrosse – this is why FL is the only state to mandate the use of helmets for safety for girls lacrosse in the US!
06:54 TIMEOUT Lady Knights – I had to check on my player. The game at this point did not matter. My focus was on the safety of my player & her well being & fortunately she would be okay.
06:16 12-10: ‘Leader’ (1g,7a) assist to ‘Hammer’ (5g,2a).
04:49 13-10: ‘I’m Da’ (1g) rolls the crease in what would turn out to be a crucial goal.
2 goals as the ‘slasher’ was running back on the field after her 2 minute penalty elapsed.
02:52 13-11: Lions FPS.
00:27 13-12: Lady Knights turnover the ball three times & Lions turnover the ball twice in the last frantic, frenetic minute of play. ‘MoJo’ would make 2 big saves but was unable to stop the third as the Lions score.
The ‘Hammer’ would need to win this draw control to end this game…..& she did – her single game record 17th draw control would be the most important of her promising career. The Lady Knights would move the ball & attack still almost scoring again to end the game. #EPIC….& yes the TEAM got to enjoy Jeremiah’s Italian Ice as our chariot returned us safely to the Dungeon! #JeremiahsTasteBetterAfterBIGWIN
The Lady Knights would pass the FINAL TEST of a long 18 game regular season to end up with a school record 15-3!
The Lady Knights are prepared to do CHAMPIONSHIP Battle starting tonight against #3 seed Apopka Blue Darters – a team that they beat earlier this season 11-6. They know not to take the Darters lightly because their historic journey should not be done & the TEAM is peaking at the right time! #AnyGivenDay #AnyGivenTEAM
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