Girls Varsity Lacrosse · Girls Varsity Lacrosse beats Windermere Prep 15 – 5

15 East Ridge High School
5 Windermere Prep
Away   Home
Away Home
East Ridge High School vs Windermere Prep
15 5
1 10   3
2 5   2
3 -   -
4 -   -

Your Lady Knights Lacrosse TEAM are 14-3 after another big Win against the Windermere Prep Lakers 15-5! The final score is deceptive in that it seems like it was an ‘easy’ win but you know that isn’t always the story. You know that I will tell you the story so here it goes. The Lakers took the early lead after 6 minutes of play in what seemed an endless amount of back and forth and feeling each other out – 1-0 Lakers – rolling the crease on an isolation play with no help or recognition from your Lady Knights. A couple of minutes go by and ‘Thunder’ Golem strikes back to knot the score 1-1. Another endless 6 minutes go by with a lot of missed opportunities from both teams and then the Lakers strike with a rebound from a great save by ‘MoJo’ Davidson on a free position shot to make it 1-2 Lakers. ‘YoYo’ Iglesias feeling it gets it back a minute later off of a fortunate bounce rebound herself to knot the score again 2-2. Two minutes later, the Lakers strike back with same roll the crease isolation play to take their final lead at 3-2. Always active ‘All Around’ McGinnis picked up a ‘good’ bounce and dribbled one in to tie the score 3-3 after 19 minutes of play! For 19 minutes of a 25 minute half, your Lady Knights gave the Lakers hope! We would finally wake up and execute the game plan set forth and now the game could finally begin again 0-0. With 5 minutes left to play in the half, ‘Thunder’ struck again then ‘I’m Da’ Boss and ‘Da Hammer’ Pak would trade off 2 goals a piece with ‘YoYo’ Iglesias scoring in between them to mix it up. Your Lady Knights put the ‘quick strike’ heavy sword away and diced and sliced with a thousand daggers by scoring the final 7 goals to go to the half with invaluable assists from Thunder, Hammer, and ‘Leader of Da’ Pak to score 3 goals in the last minute to make the score 10-3! The damage was done! ‘Da Hammer’ Pak would dominate the draws for the second half from an emotionally depleted/defeated Lakers team in the 2nd half. The Lakers would try 3 different draw girls against us to defeat the possession game of the Hammer but could not find the right solution as the Hammer used her wit and skill to have 10 draw controls herself vs the Lakers 5 total (14 Lady Knights – 5 Lakers draw controls)! I also must mention that the Lakers were not able to repeat the isolation crease play in the 2nd half! #FinallyLearnedFromOthersMistakes Also, besides Boss (she doesn’t even need a nickname!), Thunder, and Hammer X2, ‘Air’ McGinnis finally figured out the ‘fade away’ to get her jump shot off legally to finish off the game! The ‘Leader’, the ‘CAPTAIN’ continues to contribute to her TEAM as she struggles with her shot to assists her TEAMMates (she is the career leader in assists for your Lady Knights – it may never be broken because of the millennial ‘me’ age that we live in – TEAM FIRST!) As a side note to the young players out there, assists count more to a Coach than individual scores any day because it means that the individual with the assists has the vision of the game to see a scoring opportunity and to allow her TEAMmate to score for the good of the team! #YouGoGirl
Don’t let me go off on the UNSUNG heroes of DEFENSE – #NotEnuffPraiseEva @SigALicious @DeTerminator @InYoFace @MoJo @DaSolution @MadDog @DaIron @DaConstrictor @DaThrone @DaArtOf
The moral of this story is that we must always play our game – not our opponent’s game.
We were lucky today that our opponents allowed us to stay close until we decided to ‘wake up’ – 19 minutes? – #ForgetAboutIt – U would be done against the FL run ‘n’ gun it is not girls lacrosse game. Our opponents in the future WILL definitely not!
We play a ‘strong’ opponent in the minds of the Lady Knights because of ‘NAME’ alone and historical dominance – the Oviedo Lions are next to fall! #RunToDaLions
Do not fear! Do not be afraid! Do not give up ever! They are good in Name ONLY! You can COMPETE and win because I KNOW……. – TRUST ME – I know…..but you MUST BELIEVE! You have to BELIEVE in yourself as a TEAM! Trust yourselves! Trust your TEAMmates! #PlayYourGame #BelieveThatUWillWin
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