Girls Varsity Lacrosse · Girls Varsity Lacrosse falls to Celebration 15 – 9

15 Celebration High School
9 East Ridge High School
Away   Home
Away Home
Celebration High School vs East Ridge High School
15 9
1 9   3
2 5   6
3 -   -
4 -   -

The Lady Knights Lacrosse team had a ‘great’ loss against a tough Celebration Storm team that stormed their own record to 8-2 & I as a Coach – love it! I know you are asking yourselves, “How in the h&** can a loss be ‘Great’? Why does he love it & Has the Coach lost his mind?” It will be or can be ‘Great’ if the team learns some invaluable lessons from a meaningless game as far the CHAMPIONSHIP is concerned. Every CHAMPIONSHIP team faces adversity & how they respond determines their CHAMPIONSHIP mettle! The Lady Knights scored early as usual to take the early lead then let the Storm go on a 4 goal run to take a 4-1lead. The Lady Knights scored again to keep it close 4-2 until the Storm ran off another 5 goal run. The Lady Knights always scrapping to the end was able to go to the half with a last minute shot & what seemed an insurmountable lead by the Storm 9-3. The second half saw the teams trading goals until Senior Brooke Boss (what a great name) stepped up to the plate & went on a 3 goal tear to make the score 13-8 but it was not enough to spark your Lady Knights to defeat a TEAM win by the Storm. The Storm produced 15 goals from 9 different players – WOW – an invaluable lesson that is ‘great’ to learn for your Lady Knights – a TEAM will beat a group of individuals ANY given day regardless of talent! Another ‘great’ lesson learned is that Individual Stars are bound to have an ‘off’ day during a long season – this is why it is crucial that each individual is prepared to be a VITAL LINK – ready to to step in at any given moment, at any given position, even if it is for just a brief moment (it’s not just another crazy coach saying – it IS a life lesson)!
Fortunately for your Lady Knights, this game was nothing more than a wake up call & meaningless in regards to the Championship run! This loss has come at opportune time with 5 more games left to improve themselves as a TEAM! The Storm was a great example of unselfish play that led to a great TEAM win. Thank you to Coach B & the Celebration Storm for the lessons that you taught us today! It matters not what I believe as a coach (that your Lady Knights IS a CHAMPIONSHIP team), it matters what each Lady Knight BELIEVES of themselves & their TEAM this year! The CHAMPIONSHIP train is at a crossroads & the next few games will finish the story. Is it enough to break records? Is it enough to be the #2 seed? Is it enough to make it to the CHAMPIONSHIP game for the third year in a row? Only TIME will tell!
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